Essential oils and aromatherapy can spice up a healthy sex life by increasing both your libido and your partner’s libido to get in the mood.

People have a range of libido levels, with some extremely high or low. These extremes can interfere with people’s daily lives drastically, and it is best to seek professional medical help in those situations. Most people fall within a normal libido range, but that does not mean their libido syncs up with their partner. There are a variety of limited scientific studies on the effects of essential oils that focus on small groups that boost libido. Although these studies are small, they have shown that certain essential oils influence the human body in a way that can increase the body’s libido. Some essential oils act as aphrodisiacs to help create a romantic environment for intimacy, and this can help you and your partner connect and enjoy a healthy sex life together.

What is Libido?

A libido is someone’s desire for sexual intimacy, which is also known as their sex drive. It is a natural part of your body and usually changes throughout your life. Your libido can even shift throughout the day or week, especially if there are changes in your life. Learned behavior regarding sexual activities can also affect libido, so it is as much a psychological experience as it is a physical reaction. Your libido can fluctuate with your mental state, hormones, medications, and stress. Some people can naturally have high or low libido than average, but most levels of sexual desire are normal. The only cause for concern is if your libido is so high or low that it causes consistently serious problems in your day-to-day life. Aphrodisiacs and using essential oils can help increase your low libido by providing stimuli to trigger your desire for sexual intimacy.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac can be anything that stimulates your sexual desire or behavior. Aphrodisiac substances include a variety of foods, plants, and synthetic chemicals, and people can either eat or inhale them to create a physical response within their body. Testosterone is a hormone directly linked to men’s libido, so synthetic testosterone is a common aphrodisiac. Other common aphrodisiacs are strawberries, alcohol and chocolate. It can be hard to recognize aphrodisiac substances because different kinds of aphrodisiacs affect people differently. What may be sexually stimulating for one person may not work on another person.

What are the Best Essential Oils for Libido?

When starting your journey into using essential oils as an aphrodisiac, it is important to look at the properties of an essential oil when choosing one to improve one’s low libido. Everyone has different stimuli that gets them in the mood for sex, so it is best to choose an essential oil that will work with your body. Some essential oils have aphrodisiac properties while others simply relax the mind, allowing the body to produce its own hormones to stimulate sexual drive. I have provided a list below of essential oils that are good for increasing libido, so you are sure to find one that will work for you. They can work well on their own or you can try and create your own essential oil blend to set the mood.

Rose Essential Oil

There is a reason why roses are a classic symbol for romance. Rose oil can reduce stress and anxiety to aid in relaxation. When the body relaxes, it can produce hormones that positively influence a low libido. These hormones can increase self-confidence and sensuality, resulting in a higher sex drive. This essential oil also supports the circulatory system, which helps blood flow to the sexual organs and aids in sexual activities. Rose essential oils can also increase testosterone levels in men to help boost their libido.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a well-known relaxant used in teas, as houseplants, and in essential oils. Although essential oils have not been in large-scale scientific tests, lavender has been extensively studied in smaller groups. Lavender essential oil is popular for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, which can then increase a low libido by allowing the body to release hormones to stimulate its sex drive. In one small study from 2014, the combined scents of a few drops lavender and pumpkin pie increased penile blood flow among the male volunteers. An increase in blood flow toward the body’s sexual organs can increase libido.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Experiments have revealed a link between cinnamon and heightened sexual functioning among animals. The cinnamon essential oil can stimulate the hormone levels in males, resulting in a higher libido by increasing testosterone levels. Preliminary studies have also hinted that cinnamon may help widen blood vessels, which would allow blood to flow to the sexual organs much easier and aid in sexual stimulation. Many people find the scent of cinnamon relaxing, which can also produce positive hormones that leadto an increased libido.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil can alleviate stress by reducing blood pressure and causing feelings of relaxation. When relaxed, the body’s libido can increase as inhibitions lessen. Clary sage essential oils work with the hormonal system and may balance out the hormones within the body. Clary sage can also brighten moods, resulting in a positive mindset. When the mind is happy, the body often releases hormones that can create sexual desire. This could then help increase libido if hormones are the main component affecting the body’s sex drive.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Many people believe that jasmine is an aphrodisiac, but there is not much scientific evidence to support this idea. Throughout history, it was popular for weddings and as perfumes because of its ability to put people in a good mood. Jasmine essential oils affect the brain to stimulate positive feelings and produce higher energy levels. This can cause an increase in a low libido as hormones shift within the body. A small study also found that jasmine can increase penile blood flow, which can also lead to an increased libido.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang essential oil has properties that produce happy feelings within the body and can increase self-esteem. A study from 2006 found that ylang ylang can reduce stress and enhance a feeling of calmness, which can result in a higher libido as the body relaxes. It also supports the circulatory system, similar to other essential oils listed above. The increased blood flow within the body can help increase sexual desire and stimulation.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Is said to be one of aromatherapy’s most powerful therapeutic essential oils. The fragrance of sandalwood has been linked to increased libido and sexual response. Researchers discovered that women who inhaled sandalwood essential oil during sex or arousal had a better disposition and more appetite than those who did not.

Nutmeg and Clove Essential Oils

Nutmeg essential oil, which is often paired with clove oil, can increase a low libido by boosting blood circulation. A 2003 study in male mice revealed that their sexual activity increased when exposed to nutmeg and clove extracts. There have been similar studies that show nutmeg enhances male mice’s sexual activity. Both nutmegs and cloves essential oils stimulate the nervous system to create positive sexual behavior, which can then increase libido. Although there is research on mice, the effect nutmegs and cloves have on humans is not as well known.

Final Thoughts on the Best Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to your sex life. They can increase the libidos of men and women, which is extremely helpful for two people who have different sexual drives thanks to their aphrodisiac properties. Each person’s libido is unique and can change over time. Different scenarios, stressors, and hormones play a role in each person’s libido. Aphrodisiacs help stimulate a person’s sex drive, and different people will respond to aphrodisiacs in different ways. Essential oil is a fantastic way to combat all the variables of life to ensure you and your partner experience a healthy sexual relationship. Feeling relaxed and comfortable is often the best way to get into the mood. Whether you choose to use essential oils as relaxants or as aphrodisiacs, this form of aromatherapy can help you feel confident that they will add a fun and stimulating element to your intimate moments. Remember to try essential oils on their own or by creating your own essential oil blend to find the right combination to set the mood.


What are your thoughts on essential oils and improving sexual desire? Have you got any experience you would like to share with the readers?