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Welcome to the EOA

The Essential Oils Academy is here to help you understand the importance of wellbeing in your life and how this can be achieved through the use of essential oils in many different forms. We work with some of the leading authors in this field to make sure the information we are providing you with is the most up-to-date.

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Our latest articles on wellness, essential oils, and wellbeing

What Essential Oils Are Used For What?

Are you curious about the power of essential oils and what they can be used for? From calming a stressful mind to treating skin issues, essential oils can offer many natural remedies for a variety of conditions. In this article, [...]

Read about the

history of essential oils.

From Egypt to Rome, essential oils have shaped cultures throughout the years. Learn when the first uses of them began, where, and why they were so effective.

Read about the

history of essential oils.

Learn how essential oils came to be, there past uses through Egypt, Greece, and India. How to came to in the Bible, and the effects in Rome and across Europe.

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